I am a current resident of Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I relocated from Colorado to move in with my husband, who is a submariner with the navy stationed out of Pearl Harbor.

I graduated the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and a passion for writing. I had been with the Cabela’s social media team for 2 years and have managed the nearly 3.8 million-member community across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

I am well versed in managing social media campaigns and strategies, from brainstorming to execution. I have a firm understanding of the native paid media platforms within Facebook and Twitter, as well as a developed ability to monitor, manage and adjust the campaigns depending on performance.

I have always been passionate about our brands’ fans. I always aim to delight and cherish fans each and every day. I have championed the development of the customer relations team that responds to fans that contact us via social channels with their questions, comments and concerns.

I am a self-starter and have been part of the launch and success of the social media team at Cabela’s, as well as the first social media champion for the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was an honor to assist in building the program for Cabela’s from the bottom up and I can’t wait to see the same success with all my future clients!


  • I talk about my dog like most people talk about their children
  • I am a nerd and am very proud of it (everyone’s a nerd for something – I’m a Disney and comic book nerd)
  • I am a desk-decorating aficionado
  • Yes, being a military wife is hard. No, I wouldn’t trade it for anything
  • I work very hard and love to learn


(I mean really)

(How cute is this dog)

(Answer: super cute)


Also, I can do these things too.

please may i have a job




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