Supergirl #36: EYE CANDY

Supergirl #36 Review: EYE CANDY. This issue is SO BEAUTIFUL. … More Supergirl #36: EYE CANDY


Deadpool #37: I Am Thankful For Red Deadpool

This article was originally published on Infinite Comix on November 20, 2014. Deadpool #37 is an AXIS tie-in. What does this mean for our merc with the mouth? Well, he’s certainly… different. Deadpool says he is “enlightened” and has donned a new, yin-and-yang themed white outfit. He comes to have issues with his previous way … More Deadpool #37: I Am Thankful For Red Deadpool

Holiday – Thanksgiving

Holiday – Thanksgiving This post announcing that we would be closed on Thanksgiving was the most engaged with post in the history of our program. We coordinated with the Retail Marketing Manager at the Cabela’s store near us. He snapped the photo, I touched it up and wrote the copy (which was PR-approved).

Cabela’s Instinct Brand Launch

Brand Launch – Instinct Objectives: Cater to the hardcore, rugged, no-nonsense backcountry hunter with gear that’ll withstand the harsh conditions the demo hunts in Role: Develop and publish outgoing content to create awareness and buzz around the new Cabela’s brand Timeframe: Fall 2014 Supported by: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ Click for more info on … More Cabela’s Instinct Brand Launch