Social Driven Creative

Social Driven Creative We collaborated with the creative team to develop social-specific, social-driven creative just for our channels. Below is are galleries of the results! There’s a mish-mosh of images that range from our Valentines Day creative to an ice fishing infographic. Dig in! Contests We supported a variety of contests throughout the year in … More Social Driven Creative

Cabela’s Brand Guidelines

Social Media Brand Guidelines Objective: Develop guidelines to pioneer the social program forward; determine voice, look and feel and strategy of each channel Role: Collaborated with the social team members to determine the above objectives, then created several drafts of the final document for approval by the Director of Social, Mobile and Email. Click HERE to see the … More Cabela’s Brand Guidelines

Cabela’s Instinct Brand Launch

Brand Launch – Instinct Objectives: Cater to the hardcore, rugged, no-nonsense backcountry hunter with gear that’ll withstand the harsh conditions the demo hunts in Role: Develop and publish outgoing content to create awareness and buzz around the new Cabela’s brand Timeframe: Fall 2014 Supported by: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ Click for more info on … More Cabela’s Instinct Brand Launch

Elk Calling Contest

Elk Calling Contest Objectives: Create social engagement; generate content; drive sales of elk hunting gear Role: Develop and publish outgoing content to create awareness and buzz around the contest Timeframe: October 2014 Barrier to entry: use the hashtag #ItsInMyNature on a video of your best elk call Winners: One winner would be selected by elk … More Elk Calling Contest

Tweet the Fish!

Cabela’s stores are known for being a destination – the Disneyland for hunters and anglers. The social team launched a Twitter account just for the fish in our aquarium. They’re a sassy bunch; you should say hi! SPOILER ALERT: I’m the voice behind the fish. I know. I’m sorry to ruin the illusion. I just … More Tweet the Fish!

Ultimate S’Mores Contest

Ultimate S’Mores Contest Objective: Drive retail awareness through an engaging contest, engage our fans through digital and retail experience, develop relevant fan content that support camping season and culture Role: Develop and publish outgoing posts to encourage fan participation in the contest; curate and document incoming content (entries); collaborating with the social team to determine … More Ultimate S’Mores Contest

#ACMCabelas Great Outdoor Archery Event

ACM Archery Event Objectives: Build awareness around Great Outdoor Archery Event and Cabela’s Ambassadors. Drive engagement around #ACMCabelas hashtag and event content. Drive engagement around ACM Awards and It’s In Your Nature 2.0 commercials. Role: Assisting with setup of the archery range; posting real-time content during the competition; taking photos for later content use; interviewing … More #ACMCabelas Great Outdoor Archery Event

Cabela’s #ItsInMyNature Photo Contest

#ItsInMyNature Photo Contest Objective: Raise awareness and participation in the brand platform, It’s In Your Nature Role: Publish outgoing posts to encourage fan participation in the contest; moderate incoming content; selecting candidates to nominate as a winner; collaborate with brand to determine winner; creating outgoing post declaring winner and encouraging participation for the next round. … More Cabela’s #ItsInMyNature Photo Contest